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How To Pick An Ideal Wedding Dress For A Bride?

How To Pick An Ideal Wedding Dress For A Bride?

Wedding is a big day in every girl’s life. Every girl wishes to look best on this special day. A wedding dress is something which not only makes the bride look gracious, elegant and beautiful but it also adds to the confidence of the bride. This is the reason why girls don’t take any chance with their wedding dress and select it carefully.

Mostly Indian brides wear traditional dresses which are not only elegant but also define their feminine qualities in best possible way. Lehanga, Sarees, fusion of lehanga and saree, ethnic gown are some options usually explored by Indian brides as their wedding dress. When you buy designer sarees online in India, designers on the given website suggest many cuts and designs suiting silhouette of the bride. Bridal dresses are often custom made so that brides look graceful on their D-day.

Color Palate of the Bridal Dresses:

Bridal dresses are something in which you can explore elaborate color palate. In Indian context bridal dresses have splash of many colors with one base color on the body of the dress. Usually deep and bright reds, maroon, magenta, hot pink and orange are the main colors used in bridal dresses. But like everything other thing bridal dress color palate is also changing in Indian weddings. 21st century brides are also experimenting with pastel shades, light pink, baby blue, sea green, lavender and other such soft hues as their wedding dress colors. Sellers of designer sarees in India are offering great variety of color combinations to modern brides of India.

Design of Bridal Outfit:

After color it is the design which makes bridal outfit glamorous and extravagant. Embroidery and heavy thread work is the most common form of designing found in Indian bridal dresses. Apart from that intricate use of pearls and gems can also be seen on various zari motifs weaved on the dress. Vendors with elaborate designer saree collection in India also tell that use of gold accessories to compliment the fabric of dress is also very common.

Fitting of the Dress:

No matter how good color and design selection is, nothing will look good if the dress is misfit. Too lose to carry or too tight dress making it difficult for the bride to breathe will steal all the elegance and glamour from the dress. Make sure wedding dress is selected well in advance to make sure it fits the bride well.

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05 Aug 2019
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