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Exclusive features that makes Banarasi sarees special!

Exclusive features that makes Banarasi sarees special!

Who doesn’t like to own soft like butter silk saree gleaming with gold and silver threads? Banarasi sarees which have its roots in Banaras is the pride of both craftsmen who create it finely on handlooms and owner who keep it as special belonging to be adorned on special occasions.

We all have worn a banarasi saree at some point of time in our lives. But not all of us are aware of some exclusive features which make this handcrafted silk sarees in India all the more special.

Royal touch!
We have a long history of banarasi sarees in our country. Mention of banarasi silk and art of weaving banarasi sarees in Rig Veda tells that since time immemorial banarasi sarees have been adorning our kings and queens. If you want to look and feel royal then pure silk sarees in India is a must have in your wardrobe.

Making of the saree!
Effort, time, money and energy put in the making of banarasi sarees are something which makes it all the more special. Design planned to be made on the saree is first punched on a paper. It looks more like Braille. It is called pattern and for every saree, hundreds of such patterns are created. It is because of these patterns that you can get everything from Persian motifs to floral patterns to jal work on the saree.

Widespread shade card!
Unlike some other traditional weaving arts, banarasi saree is not limited to few shades or color families. You get a plethora of bright and beautiful colors increasing beauty quotient of the saree by many folds.

Motifs on banarasi sarees are inspired by variant art forms, cultures and religions. Motifs like floral patterns, jail work, stylized leaves, and Islamic motifs find its roots in the Mughal era. Many Hindu gods are also embossed on banarasi sarees depicting its origin from ancient civilizations of India. In the Victorian era, the British demanded geometrical patterns on it. The main motive of every motif is to create a feeling of paradise on the saree.

You earn a banarasi saree!
It is said that you own a banarasi saree but you earn it. An authentic banarasi saree in India is made with a lot of time, skills and effort of the craftsmen. That is why it has a hefty price tag attached to it. It is a onetime expenditure because once you have a banarasi saree in your collection you will cherish it forever.

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12 Jul 2019
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