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How to Choose Banarasi Saree for Wedding?

How to Choose Banarasi Saree for Wedding?

Wedding is one of the most important days of any bride’s life and the wedding dress is cherished for a lifetime. If you have decided to wear something traditional which makes you look regal, elegant and confident then nothing can grace the occasion better than a fine banarasi saree. In fact, it is believed that the bride who has a banarasi saree in her trousseau will always rule in her new home like a queen.

So to make banarasi saree selection easier for you we have come up with some exclusive tips and tricks.

Since handcrafted silk sarees are made by highly skilled artisans, they also have a hefty price tag attached to it. So before you start hunting your perfect bridal banarasi saree set a budget. It will be a great help in elimination and selection process. You can have a look at various websites for banarasi silk sarees online shopping
Know your saree!
Buying an authentic saree can be challenging especially when you don’t know much about the features of original saree. Do good researches about fabric, texture, weave, and designs of the saree before you go shopping for wedding saree. There are so many shops and websites selling banarasi saree replica that recognizing original can be tricky. Go to shops or log on to websites which are known for selling original pure silk sarees. A genuine piece of banarasi saree will have 5600 thread wires with each piece having a width of 45 inches. Denser the zari work more will be the number of thread wires in the saree.

Time of the ceremony!
Time at which you will wear banarasi saree plays an important role in the color selection of the saree. Colors like peach, light pink, mint green, powder blue, and other pastel shades look beautiful morning ceremony. In night colors like red, bright yellow, orange, gold, emerald green, etc. will create the magic. Though most brides select red in the combination of gold zari as a wedding saree these days they have started playing with other colors.

Body type!
Perfect banarasi saree should not only compliment the body type of the bride but it should be able to highlight her best features. If you are tall and slim then you can go for heavy embellishments, large motifs, bold colors, and heavy border. On the other hand, if you are short or at the heavier side then light color saree with vertical designs and sleek borders will look great.

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12 Jul 2019
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