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Trisvaraa is a premium clothing label which offers the finest heritage weaves of India and meticulously hand-crafted ensembles. Our product range varies from the timeless Banarsis, Chanderis, Bandhej and Bhagalpuris to the beautifully crafted hand-embroidered pieces at our design studio.

We do not follow fashion trends. Our products are quintessentially Indian in form and spirit. They are timeless and traditional. We work very closely with weavers and continuously strive to create, innovate and experiment. Our silk fabrics and sarees are testimony to the fact that the weavers and skilled craftsmen of India can, with a little encouragement, create beautiful pieces of art and craft to be cherished and admired.

Trisvaraa takes pride in the quality of its products. We take great care in designing our clothing range. We are involved right from the selection of the yarn to the weaving of the fabric and then to the design of the ensemble. Our attention to detail in designing a single piece will be evident from our choice of fabrics for finishing the ensemble and embroidery threads and sequins used for embellishment.


Trisvaraa was conceptualized a few years back but took a formal shape on March 13, 2018. I worked as a consultant in the field of Public-Private-Partnership in various leading organizations. It was indeed a great field to work in especially in a developing economy like India where rapid infrastructure development is a need of the hour. I was a part of some great projects and am proud of my contribution towards nation building, however small that contribution may have been.

Somewhere, somehow along this path, the allure of handlooms, fabrics, textiles and apparel designing caught my attention and I started to explore this area. Of course, I was always fond of good traditional outfits and knew my weaves like the back of my hand. I normally designed my own ensembles which did garner a lot of appreciation. I decided to give a form and shape to my creativity and hence TRISVARAA happened. And since then it has indeed been a very satisfying and interesting journey.

I started from Bhagalpur. Bhagalpuris are famous all-over the world for its fabrics and saris. However, I wanted to experiment with different yarns and create new and different products. There was a lot of hesitation from the weavers and it was a difficult task to motivate and encourage them. I asked them to create different natural fabrics in various combinations and after a lot of convincing they agreed. The products which emerged are very beautiful. Their confidence grew and so did mine and our journey together has begun.

My next place of work was Benaras. Benaras is truly a weaving paradise and a designer’s dream destination. The beauty in its weaving industry is ethereal and priceless. It is totally mesmerising. Every visit to Benaras was and is a new experience. The colours, the yarns, the motifs, the janglas and the creativity of the weavers to spin them into beautiful pieces of art is mind boggling. I cannot ever get enough of Benaras in terms of its age-old weaving craft.

The handlooms of Chanderi are not to be missed. Even here, I have tried to experiment and create, and the results have been lovely. Each thaan, each dupatta and each saree has a different story. Because of the transparency and light weight, chanderi fabrics are often called “woven air”. The feel and texture of the fabrics is due to the use of very fine yarns during the weaving process.

The journey of Trisvaraa has just begun. We also plan to work with the weavers in Southern India. At Trisvaraa, we strive to keep the essence of our ensembles totally traditional with a contemporary appeal. Our aim is to bring to our clientele, the dying art of handloom weaving in a modern form. We plan to rekindle the love for Indian hand-woven textiles all over the world. Sadly, the number of handloom weavers in general in our country is gradually diminishing. Our country used to be the largest exporter of textiles made from natural fibres. We are trying our best in our own small way to revive this dying art. I would like to salute all the weavers, designers, fashion houses, exporters and other organizations who have made commendable efforts to keep handloom weaving alive. There is no doubt that handloom textiles are expensive than power-loom fabrics. Through my store, I would like to appeal to everyone to endorse hand-made natural fabrics. It is a way to thank the extremely talented weavers of our country and provide a decent means of livelihood to them.

We do hope that you will love our products.


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